This service is deprecated

This endpoint management service will be discontinued in the foreseeable future. Windows endpoints should use the SCCM service. A new service will be set up for MacOS endpoints.

About BigFix

BigFix, also known as IBM Endpoint Management (IEM), is a service which is provided to the Urbana campus at no charge by TECHNOLOGY SERVICES under the shared service agreement. Units from other campuses may incur a fee for usage. BigFix aims to solve the increasingly complex problem of keeping systems updated, compatible, and free of security issues. It uses Fixlet technology to identify vulnerable computers in your network space and allows you to remediate them across from a central console. Both Fixlets and Tasks are central to BigFix. Using Relevance statements, they target specific computers, remediating only affected Endpoint Manager Clients. They are both packaged with an Action script that can resolve the issue with a simple mouse-click. TECHNOLOGY SERVICES staff will provide training, provisioning, and support for this service when needed. When provisioning this service it is important to ensure that enrollment to the mailing list is also completed. 

The BigFix service is provided by the University of Illinois Endpoint Services Group. This service is currently being offered at no cost; however, there may be costs in the future. This will be announced prior to an actual cost being associated with the use of this service.

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Using BigFix you can

  • Analyze vulnerabilities (patched or insecure configurations)
  • Easily and automatically remediate all your networked systems
  • Establish and enforce configuration policies across your network
  • Distribute and update software packages
  • View, modify, and audit properties of your networked client computers
  • Install critical security patches on computers as soon as they're made available by Microsoft, Apple, and other vendors.
  • Asset inventory/discovery
  • IT compliance reporting
  • Software license management
  • OS (Windows) deployment
  • Endpoint power consumption management
  • Near real-time visibility into the state of endpoints

About the BigFix Service

  • BigFix is an agent-based software solution. Each computer communicates with the BigFix server to determine its status.
  • Certain basic inventory information about the computer—such as the presence or absence of critical security updates, IP address, operating system, and some hardware data—is collected. A complete list of collected information is available.
  • Easy Deployment and Management – The service can be installed in just days, across very large or highly distributed environments
  • BigFix provides Pervasive Visibility – distributed scanning and deep agent inspection makes it possible for you to see anything about any computer any where
  • The BigFix service provides extremely specific ad-hoc queries which can be executed and answered across a globally distributed environment in minutes
  • You have the ability to secure, manage, and report on computers through any type of connection: On-campus, Off-campus, public Internet
  • The BigFix agent and query language are optimized for near-invisible impact to network bandwidth and endpoint performance
  • Real-time Reporting with the agents who show any change in status, there is no need to initiate a new scan to know the current state of your assets
  • Cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, UNIX, or Linux - whether physical or virtual

How it works

  • BigFix has two distinct components, a client and a server. The client software is installed on computers that will be managed, while the server allows system administrators to monitor managed computers and enables patch deployment.
  • The client provides information about the status, with respect to patching, of the machine it's installed on. This information is conveyed to the main or root server, and allows administrators charged with managing BigFix clients to patch computers appropriately and as needed.
  • Whenever a patch is released for supported software, it is tested and packaged by IBM, then delivered to their customers generally within a matter of hours