Linux / Unix Installation

Linux Installation instructions for the different types of Linux are available HERE.  You will want to follow those instructions then refer to the following instructions to ensure you have added the proper Site information and Masthead file to the system.

1. Utilizing root credentials create the directory /etc/opt/BESClient/ as it is not automatically created by the installer.

2. Copy your actionsite.afxm file to the Client computer (This file contains configuration, license, and security information). 

3. Place actionsite.afxm file in the following location: /etc/opt/BESClient/. (you can use wget

     NOTE: If using the masthead.afxm you gained from the main server or another Windows machine Ensure you rename file to "actionsite.afxm"

    NOTE: If the masthead is not named "actionsite.afxm" installation will not work properly and machine will not show up in your site.

4. Follow refer to directions located here to complete installation of client for your version of Linux / Unix.

Add Site information into installation:

1. Once installation above has been completed Start and then Stop the besclient service.

2. Navigate to the /var/opt/BESClient directory and open the besclient.config file in text editor.

3. Add the following information to the file at the very top of the file exactly as it is below:

value                          = Urbana\xxx
NOTE: Ensure you*change the value to match your site settings* i.e. = Urbana\xxx


4. Start besclient service.