Apple / Mac OSX installation

1. Create a new folder for working installation. (This folder can be deleted after the installation)

2. Download the  BES Client package file to the Mac computer from the link below. Place .pkg file in newly created folder

3. Download the actionsite file (below) and place in newly created folder.

     a. If using the masthead.afxm file Ensure you rename file to "actionsite.afxm"
     b. If the masthead is not named "actionsite.afxm" installation will not work properly and machine will not show up in your site.

4. Request clientsettings.cfg file from the service mangaer or Create new plain text file named "clientsettings.cfg". Place this file in the newly created folder.

     a. File must be plain text, it cannot be .rtf which is default file format created by TextEdit.

     b. In this file put your site information. Or request clientsettings.cfg file from IEM service manager. i.e. "Site=Urbana\xxx"

5. Once all three files are located in same folder run .pkg file to install BES Client. 

6. Launch the PKG installer by double-clicking the PKG file and follow the prompts from the installer, using all default settings. The agent will start up after the installation completes as long as the masthead file is included in the install directory.


The actionsite.afxm file is to provide connection and licensing information for our IEM main server.

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