Retrieved Properties List

NOTE: All information collected will be treated as confidential by those who have access to it. Some of the following properties are essential to the basic functioning of the Bigfix service, and are retrieved from all participating computers. Other properties are not retrieved by default, but are available to local Bigfix console operators who wish to retrieve them



Information Retrieved


The vendor, version and/or date of your computer's BIOS.

Computer Model

Your computer's model name as provided by the vendor; also indicates whether your computer is a "laptop," "workstation," or "server" (that is, running one of the server editions of Windows).


The type (vendor/model) and speed of your computer's central processor.

Free Space on System Drive

The size of and amount of free space available on your computer's boot volume (typically drive C).

Free and Total Space of Drives

The size of and amount of free space available on all of your computer's fixed physical and logical drives.


The amount of RAM (random access memory) installed in your computer.

Serial Number

Your computer's serial number as provided by the vendor.

Operating system


Information Retrieved

Boot Time of OS

The date and time at which your computer was last started.


The version of the operating system installed on your computer.

OS and Service Pack

The version of Windows installed on your computer, including its Service Pack level.

OS Language

The localized version of Windows installed on your computer.

User Name

The currently logged-on user's Windows account name.



Information Retrieved

Active Directory Path

Your computer's location (if any) in a Windows Active Directory domain.

Computer Description

The value entered in your computer's "Computer Description" field.

Computer Name

Your computer's "computer" (or "NetBIOS") name as it appears in the System Properties control panel (Windows) or System Preferences Sharing preference pane (Mac).

DNS Name

Your computer's local computer name or registered host name followed by its current IP (Internet) domain as assigned by your Internet Service Provider.


The Windows NT domain or workgroup to which your PC belongs (if any).

IP Addresses

Your computer's current IP (Internet) addresses as assigned by your Internet Service Provider.

MAC Addresses

The hardware addresses of your computer's network interface cards.

Bigfix client


Information Retrieved

BES Client Version

The version number of the client installed on your computer.

Relay Selection Method

Indicates the selection method ("automatic" or "manual") your Bigfix client will use in order to locate Bigfix relays.

Bigfix Relay Service Installed

Indicates whether your computer has been configured by an administrator to function as a Bigfix relay. This would never be done without your knowledge.

Client Administrators

The list of Bigfix administrators who can manage your computer.

Client Settings

The list of all Bigfix client settings on your computer.

Distance to BES Relay

The distance in terms of "network hops" (that is, the number of routers traversed) between your computer and the Bigfix relay that it is currently using.

Last Report Time

The time at which the Bigfix client on your computer last communicated with the Bigfix server.


Indicates whether your computer has been "locked," so that the Bigfix server cannot take any actions on it.

Lock Expiration

The time (if any) at which the "locked" status of your computer will expire.


The DNS name of the Bigfix relay your client is currently using.

Subscription Time

The time and date when the Bigfix client on your computer first communicated with the Bigfix server.