Windows Manual Installation

To successfully install the IEM client to an endpoint, the installation source needs to be in the same directory (file folder). Once installation is complete you can delete this folder:

1. The setup.exe file for the EM client.  

2. The Masthead file to tell setup process about our IEM server. 

3. The configuration file (clientsettings.cfg) that specifies the computer group information for your specific environment(s). The IEM service managers will provide this file for you.

*Important:* Configuration file must be named "clientsettings.cfg" so the installer will recognize it. Ensure the file extension is .cfg and must be plaintext.

Once all three files are in a shared directory location together, the installer can be run on the endpoint. During the installation the client will use the information from the masthead.afxm to report in to the main server. During the installation the installer will read the configuration file information to delegate that endpoint into the proper computer group.

Please be aware that if the IEM client is already installed on an endpoint that you will need to uninstall the old IEM client prior to installation of the new one. Installing over the current client will cause the installer not to read the configuration file.


Masthead File

IEM Client EXE Installer