MalwareBytes Anti-malware Solutions

Technology Services continues to evaluate anti-malware solutions for the enterprise. The latest review of MalwareBytes Endpoint Protection (the cloud-based solution) has led to the consensus that it is not ready for enterprise use. The latest version of the software does not allow for role-based access. As such, all administrators would have access to, and receive alerts from, all endpoints regardless of unit ownership. Tech Services will continue to review versions of MalwareBytes Endpoint Protection in hopes that a future iteration will align with the needs of an enterprise environment.

Because MalwareBytes Endpoint Protection does not meet enterprise-level requirements, Technology Services will continue to offer and maintain MalwareBytes Endpoint Security (the on-premise solution), which is enterprise-capable.

The MalwareBytes service is provided by the University of Illinois Endpoint Services Group. This service is currently being offered at no cost; however, there may be costs in the future. This will be announced prior to an actual cost being associated with the use of this service.

For MalwareBytes service documentation, please visit the University of Illinois Answers KnowledgeBase.

For questions or concerns, please contact the EPS team.